First To Put In Extra Effort

“Tiffany Gelzinis is an excellent agent! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of Real Estate services, especially if you are selling a home.

“My family and I were in the unusual situation of having to sell a home that we owned for less than two years. For this reason we had to be quite firm on our minimum sale price. I met with three agents who recommended we list for a price that was far lower than we could manage.

“I met with a rental company and prepared all the paperwork to rent the home until we could pay down the mortgage a little more. However, my husband was not at all interested in being a Landlord so I made one last attempt to meet with a Real Estate agent.

“I met with Tiffany and explained (what I thought was) our ‘difficult’ situation. But our situation was not difficult for her! She recommended we list the house for thousands more than anyone else suggested. She did NOT overvalue our property! She just happened to be the first to put in the extra effort required to properly market an old home that had been fully remodeled.

“Tiffany took care of everything! I didn’t spend one day worrying about what needed to be done to sell the house because I knew Tiffany and her team were doing everything that needed to be done.

“The home I thought wouldn’t sell within the next few years, sold in less than six months!! At a price we were quite pleased with. When some potentially very serious disagreements arose after inspections, Tiffany saved the deal with the calmness and perseverance she displayed throughout our entire time together.

“In summary, Tiffany sold our home quickly. She sold it in a neighborhood where the comps were on the market for a year or more. Some are still on the market. And some have simply been taken off the market and rented. Tiffany brought our sale to the closing table for exactly the amount we expected (no extra ‘add on’s’ or “surprise fees”) thanks to her one-of-a-kind “Seller Net Sheets” that she generates for every client (ASK HER ABOUT THOSE!). Tiffany is a hard working, trustworthy, competent agent and I would recommend her to anyone.”